Jürgen Pfingst  
was born on 20th December 1951 in Leverkusen. He now lives in Burscheid. The interest for singing and making music was started in his early childhood by Jürgen's father, who played guitar. At the end of the sixties Jürgen started making music in a band. Later he played in a Combo making music for dancing and sometimes conducting known German singers. That all stopped in the early eighties. But then in the middle of the nineties the Roaring Fourties were founded, making music of the sixties for fun.

Jürgen sings and plays guitar (Gibson ES-335, Ovation Electric Legend) - sometimes he plays bass. He likes the Liverpool groups of the early sixties: Beatles, Searchers, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Ian & the Zodiacs etc...

Especially he likes the Brazilian Bossa Nova Music, also starting in the sixties. The knows a lot of those songs (Jobim compositions) and sings them originally in Portugues language.